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EGF Capsule 膠囊(W/P/Y 白/粉/黃)

EGF Capsule 膠囊(W/P/Y 白/粉/黃) Skin whitening 美白 Hydrating 保濕 Anti wrinkle 抗皺
NT$ 7500

EGF Capsule 膠囊(W/P/Y  白/粉/黃)

Skin Whitening 美白

Hydrating 保濕

Anti Wrinkle 抗皺

Effect:Promote the vitality of the skin, Improve the damaged skin, whitening and delaying skin aging.


Usage:Wash your face and mask had used, cut it off and apply it to your face 


White 白:Whitening and Moisturizing of young skin. 年輕肌膚的美白及保濕

PinK 粉:Dry skin moistueizing and anti wrinkle. 中乾肌膚的保濕及抗皺。

Yellow 黃:Hydrating, anti wrinkle and activation of dry skin. 乾性肌膚的保濕,抗皺及活化。

Three item for purchase together, another discount. 三款同時購買,另有优惠。